Company Profile

Company Profile

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NKSH is a wholly foreign-owned company which was NK Aether invested. Our business cover tube trailer, pressure cylinder and parts, vessel facility for fuel, firefighting facility and services. Main items are tube trailer, high purity Y-TON, IMDG tube trailer, ASME CNG stationary cylinder set etc.
In the middle of October 2008, NKSH established tube trailer inspection station with CSEI and SSEI in Shanghai city. The inspection station focus on customer service and its business and Won the unanimous praise of the customer. Also it is the A/S centre our NKSH.
Currently, NKSH accomplished Y-TON cylinder inspection in domestic(hydraulic inspection after disassemble, none disassemble AE inspection). In January 1st 2017, NKSH obtained DOT manufacturing and inspection approval, therefore NKSH is the first company has the qualification of DOT product inspection and turned the history of China mainland located companies have to using Taiwan region or foreign inspection service to home.
NKSH devote to develop new type vessels for filling ultra-high purity industrial gas like Y-TON cylinder and IMDG tube skid, it can fill the more than 6N purity gas and its technical merit is ahead of competitors.
 NKSH satisfy customer’s request from engineering, service to system design, upon advanced latest technology and service with continuously innovating, study assiduously, nonstop pursuing.
  • Manufacturing certificate of P.R.C.(B1、C3、A2)
  • ASME Pressure cylinder manufacturing certificate;
  • KGS tube trailer manufacturing certificate;
  • ISO9001/14001 approval
  • ISO International standard certificate(classification society)
  • American DOT E8009 approval/DOT-3AAX approval